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About Us

About Us About Us

Our story

ASOM is a Canadian independently owned small business. Designed for creators, by creators - we make purposeful products for work-from-home.

Somewhere between restlessness and relaxation is your most creative state of mind, and our Wearable Duvets were born to help fuel this exact feeling. Hand quilted, luxe fabrics, and just slightly weighted to keep your eye on the prize. Whether it’s a passion project or an empire, this state of mind is where things are born, and that’s something we'll always get behind. 


What we believe in


When it comes to our products, we partner with manufacturers who commit to exceptional craftsmanship with the best materials, sustainable practices, and ethical employment. ASOM is a passion project and we do things right.


We produce collections in small batches to ensure excellence because we believe firmly in quality over quantity. Timeless designs always come out on top and your capsule wardrobe will thank us.


We default to open. Want to know what goes into high quality, artisan made robes? We're happy to share. Below are the costs behind every aspect of our production process to get our wearable duvets from our hands into yours.